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Thanks to all who participated in the Northwest Cider Cup.

There were 142 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Cider

PlaceOrganizationEntry NameStyle
1stAlpenfire Orchards LlcGlowC3A: Red-Fleshed Ciders Dry
2ndYonder CiderBarrel Aged PerryC4B: High-Tannin Perries

Winning Entries

Category C1A: Low-Tannin Ciders Dry 23 entries

1st2 Towns CiderhouseMac DryC1A: Low-Tannin Cider
2ndDouble Mountain Brewery & CideryDry Cider C1A: Low-Tannin Cider
3rdHighpoint CiderTransplantC1A: Low-Tannin Cider

Category C1B: Low-Tannin Ciders Sweet 22 entries

1st2 Towns Ciderhouse11th AnniversaryC1B: Low-Tannin Cider
2nd2 Towns CiderhouseOriginal Cosmic CrispC1B: Low-Tannin Cider
3rdSchilling CiderLocal LegendC1B: Low-Tannin Cider

Category C2A: High-Tannin Ciders Dry 27 entries

1stPuget Sound Cider CompanyKingston BlackC2A: High-Tannin Cider
2ndBauman's CiderReine Des PommesC2A: High-Tannin Cider
3rdAlpenfire Orchards LlcDabinett Yarlington Mill / Dual VarietalC2A: High-Tannin Cider

Category C2B: High-Tannin Ciders Sweet 7 entries

1stRootwood Cider CompanyEstate BlendC2B: High-Tannin Cider
2ndSchilling CiderEcxelsior Imperial AppleC2B: High-Tannin Cider
3rdEmpyrical Orchards and CiderLa Raison ReserveC2B: High-Tannin Cider

Category C3A: Red-Fleshed Ciders Dry 7 entries

1stAlpenfire Orchards LlcGlowC3A: Red Fleshed Cider
2ndPuget Sound Cider CompanyMountain Rose'C3A: Red Fleshed Cider
3rdYonder CiderWenatchee WaveC3A: Red Fleshed Cider

Category C3B: Red-Fleshed Ciders Sweet 2 entries

2ndBauman's CiderMountain Rose Sv C3B: Red Fleshed Cider

Category C4A: Low-Tannin Perries 8 entries

1stSeattle Cider CompanyPerryC4A: Perry

Category C4B: High-Tannin Perries 4 entries

1stYonder CiderBarrel Aged PerryC4B: Perry
3rdEmpyrical Orchards and CiderPrincipleC4B: Perry

Category C5A: Wood/Oaked 17 entries

1stBauman's CiderMezcal Barrel Aged CiderC5A: Wood/Oaked Cider or Perry
2ndKristof FarmsReserve CiderC5A: Wood/Oaked Cider or Perry

Category C6A: Single Varietal 17 entries

1stPuget Sound Cider CompanyKingston BlackC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry
2ndBauman's CiderBrown Snout SvC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry
3rdBauman's CiderMcIntosh Pet NatC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry

Category C7A: Fruit Co-Fermented 28 entries

1stVictoria Cider CoQuince CiderC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry
2ndPuget Sound Cider CompanyBlackberry PearC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdPuget Sound Cider CompanyWild Blue HuckleberryC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C7B: Fruit Post-Fermentation Addition Sweet 43 entries

1stMeriwether CiderPlum DandyC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry
2ndSea CiderCherry LaneC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdYonder CiderCouleeC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C7C: Fruit Post-Fermentation Addition Dry 14 entries

1stYonder CiderPalisadesC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry
2nd19 Acres Cider Co.Yuzu PlumC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdBauman's CiderLoganberry CiderC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C8A: Botanical Hopped 13 entries

1stUnion Hill Cider CoLiquid LimberC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndMeriwether CiderHop ShotC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdCedar Draw CiderImperial Citra KissedC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C8B: Botanical Herbed 12 entries

1st2 Towns CiderhouseThe BaddieC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndFinnriver CideryLavendar Black CurrantC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdShuswap Cider CompanyLavender HoneyC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C8C: Botanical Spiced 16 entries

1stSwift CiderPineapple Mai TaiC8C: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndSeattle Cider CompanyPumpkin SpiceC8C: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdIncline Cider CompanyCucumber JalapenoC8C: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C9A: Specialty Fortified 3 entries

1stRuncible Cider CompanyOre No. 001C9A: Specialty Cider or Perry
2ndSea CiderPomonaC9A: Specialty Cider or Perry
3rdAlpenfire Orchards LlcMistelleC9A: Specialty Cider or Perry

Category C9B: Specialty Low Alcohol/Alcohol Removed 5 entries

1st2 Towns CiderhouseN/a Pacific Pineapple CiderC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry
2ndHeartland CiderworksThe Little AppleC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry
3rdBauman's CiderLight CiderC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry

Category C9C: Specialty Other 11 entries

1stCedar Draw CiderSour EmpressC9C: Specialty Cider or Perry
2nd2 Towns CiderhousePlum As You AreC9C: Specialty Cider or Perry
3rd2 Towns CiderhouseHollow JackC9C: Specialty Cider or Perry